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Engage with us to grow your business through advanced services

We are experts in guiding large and small manufacturers to transform their business models to compete through advanced services.

Transforming through servitization differentiates businesses caught in commoditised markets develops closer relationships with customers and builds a sustainable competitive advantage. It has the potential to create success and growth of the triple bottom line, but it is not easy or risk-free.

We use a range of cutting-edge frameworks and interactive tools such as Business Model Blueprints, Value Network Analysis, Engineering Design for Service and Service Visioning. All of these are sourced from peer reviewed research and tested and proven through our existing portfolio of clients.

This Intellectual Property is presented in the mini-guides and software tools showcased elsewhere on our website. Our advisors across Europe, UK and the USA are skilled in the application of those tools from multiple assignments. We can help you and your team to develop those skills as well as working alongside you in the field.

We look to navigate the transformation journey for you and your business, efficiently, minimising pitfalls, and so reach the positive outcome of competing through advanced services. Advanced services are a significant route to provide sustainable business support; a moving away from make/use/throw away.

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Servitization is a path for success and growth of your triple bottom line, but it is not easy or risk-free.

We can help you navigate the journey efficiently, minimise pitfalls and reach a positive outcome - a sustainable competitive advantage. To lead the future of manufacturing, get in touch with us.

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