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Dr Ali Ziaee Bigdeli

Senior Research Fellow

About Ali


Ali’s interests lie in the operational and organisational change brought about when businesses intend to introduce technological innovations to the market. His research at the Centre focuses on how servitization helps a business to bring its products to market, expand the scale of its operations and increase financial sustainability, and the business model innovation that is required to enable this.

Ali’s research into business models for the delivery of advanced services has mostly been conducted in the areas of telehealth and telecare. Before joining the Centre he was involved in two projects at Cass Business School in London, working closely with manufacturers to understand how providing integrated product-service offerings influenced factors such as operations, value capture and creation, and supply chain integration, and the challenges such as changing the organisational decision making processes and mind set. He also looked at the impact on the business ecosystem and how providing advanced services requires small businesses to work together in a network, each providing an aspect of the service and aligning their business models to achieve this.

As part of his telehealth/telecare projects, Ali ran a series of feedback workshops with SMEs, using his research to guide them on issues such as how and where to start transforming the business model, and how to identify the most important elements to change. 

He works closely with companies engaged with the Centre to understand and define their challenges and provide practical frameworks and tools for servitization. 




Ali delivers presentations and seminars at leading industrial and academic events. He specialises in business model design and transformation for competing through advanced services. Recent engagements include:


Microlise Conference, Coventry, 20th May 2015

Europe's largest transport conference

Keynote: Delivering Growth: Exploring the potential of advanced services within the transport industry


EurOMA (European Operations Management Association) Conference, Neuchatel, 26th June 2015

Talk Track: A Holistic Approach to Evaluating Servitization: A content, context, process framework


Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Vancouver, 7th August 2015 

Talk Track: Organisational Transformation Towards Servitization 


If you would like to engage with Ali, please send him an email.





Europe's largest transport conference

Advanced Services in Road Transport

Delivering Growth


Delivering Growth


Presenting the Delivering Growth whitepaper at Europe's largest transport conference, the 2015 Microlise Conference