Allsee Technologies: official digital signage partner for Servitization Live

We welcome our guest blogger Thomas Fraser-Bacon, Marketing Director at Allsee Technologies

Having been part of Allsee Technologies for over 10 years, Thomas Fraser-Bacon has facilitated significant growth of the business within the digital signage and commercial display market. In his role as Marketing Director he has been instrumental in shaping the direction of the company, including expansion into new technology markets and geographical regions. Most recently, Thomas helped Allsee to stand out in a highly competitive market by spearheading the creation, implementation and promotion of a services-driven strategy. As well as making high-level strategic decisions, Thomas is also a manager and mentor to the Allsee marketing and customer service teams, while also supporting the sales, service and R&D departments. Allsee Technologies were founded in 2007 and have offices, showrooms and warehouse facilities in Birmingham, United Kingdom as well as Oostende, Belgium and Faridabad, India. Allsee has developed into a market leading digital signage solutions manufacturer with a more diverse range of products than any other manufacturer in this sector.

When I was first contacted by The Advanced Services Group back in 2019, like many others, it was the first time I had encountered the term ‘servitization’. Based on the volume of academic evidence presented, as well as always being open to learning new ways to stand out from the completion and finding additional revenue streams, my interest was very much piqued.

Attending my first servitization workshop hosted by The Advanced Services Group completely changed my perspective on pretty much everything, and not just about what services could and should be offered to customers. I soon realised that servitization was about much more than monetising advanced services, it was about changing your mind-set by re-evaluating the way you view your products and services.

Following the workshops I was able to brief my colleagues on what I had learnt, then as a company we took a step back to take stock of our current service offering. Each department head also explored customer pain points, both of our reseller partners as well as their end users, from each of their unique perspectives. We could then assess how comprehensive our service offering really was, and figure out how we could fill any gaps; either with internal resources or by utilising external partners. By taking this objective approach we were able to gain a huge competitive advantage – but what’s the point of this unless our customers know about it?

So the next step was to find ways to inform our reseller partners about our updated and thorough service offering. Several promotional campaigns were planned, with the main goal being for our partners to win more business from their customers. We have always taken a similar approach in focusing on helping our reseller partners to grow their business. The promotional activity included:

Services specification sheet – this was added to the end of every product data sheet so that when an end user, or new potential reseller partner, is comparing our product to that of a larger competitor (such as LG or Samsung) the advantages of working with us are clear.

Website footer – the same list of services were added to bottom of each product webpage, making the competitive advantage clear to anyone visiting our website.

Email marketing campaign – this allowed us to promote the full catalogue of services to all of our partners; this helped them to fill in the gaps in their offering to their customers.

“Service of the Month” campaign – on social media we posted about one of the advanced services on our list over the course of 12 months.

Videos – a team member from the most relevant department was asked to speak about a service or services that we can offer. These have primarily been used for social media purposes.

The response from our promotional activities was incredible. Several partners reported that key projects were won due to the distinction of service offering highlighted in our product data sheets. Many of our partners wanted to understand key principles of servitization so that they could take a more traditional approach to servitization with their customers. This included offering performance based service level agreements as well as content creation and management services.

Then, in September 2020, Allsee Technologies were presented with “Best UK Manufacturer Growing through Services” award at The Servitization Awards 2020. This really helped us to stand out as an industry leader within the commercial display market and solidified our position as the only manufacturer that offers a comprehensive catalogue of services.

Over the past few years the partnership between Allsee and The Advanced Services Group has gone from strength to strength. The whole team at The Advanced Services Group have been so supportive and I really cannot endorse them enough! A special mention to Iain McKechnie, Director of Strategic Programmes, must be given. During the pandemic several remote sessions were conducted to help with my personal comprehension of value chain mapping, which were extremely valuable.

It is because of the level of support that we have received from The Advanced Services Group that we are sponsoring Servitization Live by donating ten of our flagship Freestanding Digital Posters to the show. The Advanced Services Group have genuinely helped us to objectively reassess and restructure our service offering, in spite of the fact that our business model and sales channel do not allow us to provide a traditional servitization offering to our customers. Our partnership with The Advanced Services Group has been, and will continue to be, crucial to our current growth and recovery.

Servitization Live will be the first in-person event for many people since the pandemic began, myself included. For any businesses, regardless of size, that are looking to gain a competitive advantage I would strongly recommend attending Servitization Live. While you’re there be sure to check out our Freestanding Digital Posters being used to display complimentary media and presentations for each of the exhibitors. Whatever business sector you are in you will benefit from attending Servitization Live and leveraging the expertise of The Advanced Services Group.