Kristina Anders

Leading examples of Servitization

For manufacturers, Servitization offers alternative ways to compete through advanced services, which focus on delivering ‘outcomes’ for the customer, rather than services focused around product ownership, condition and performance. The ‘hall of fame’ of Servitization consists of industry leaders such as Rolls-Royce Aerospace with Power-by-the-Hour, Alstom with Train Life Services, and Xerox with Managed Print Services.

Spring Servitization Conference 2022: Achieving Net-Zero through Servitization

This year’s Spring Servitization Conference (SSC) felt very different. Not only because it was held in beautiful Florence, the home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture, but also it was the first year that the community got together in-person after almost three years. We all had missed the great feeling of an in-person […]

How do businesses think they compete in the future?

Manufacturing businesses commonly compete based on a combination of three routes – focus on products and their performance, focus on the price of products, focus on a package of products, price and services. Deciding which route is the best depends on several forces such as the market dynamics and demand, technological change, internal organisational change […]

Aston University wins share of £10m for research to improve UK economic productivity

The Aston University-led research project is one of seven which will each tackle specific aspects of the ‘productivity puzzle’. The £1.85m Aston University-led project will focus on how servitization can impact UK economic productivity and environmental performance. The findings will help policymakers and businesses improve productivity, raise living standards across the UK and help achieve […]

Servitization Example: Koolmill Systems

Koolmill Systems uses servitization to access global markets with sustainable food production. UK-based SME, Koolmill Systems, has combined the powers of servitization and disruptive technology to help feed a growing global population as well as giving the business a competitive edge. The company gives customers across the world access to transformative techniques through its milling-as-a-service […]

Servitization Example: Allsee Technologies

Digital signage manufacturer Allsee Technologies has embraced a servitized business model to build resilience and boost its bottom line. Established in 2007 with the vision to make the benefits of digital signage accessible to every business regardless of technical resources or budgets, Allsee Technologies has enjoyed strong growth on the back of offering a wide […]