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Commissioned Projects

For those companies that are looking for more hands-on advice and change management support, we tailor our education and change workshops to match your particular needs and stage of development towards advanced services.


We have staff that have over 30 years of relevant change management skills in this field and we begin commissioned projects by identifying your potential value-add, improved competitive advantage and then agreeing specific project aims.


Using those aims we then jointly shape a project scope that brings together the latest research in the field along with our experience of working with our transforming business partners. That global leading research is showcased in our annual Spring Servitization Conference with contributors from around the world.


Using workshop style delivery with your senior team we provide input, challenge and tools that allow you to roadmap your own company, industry and sector specific route to developing and implementing value adding Advanced Services. We can then support your implementation plans by monitoring milestone delivery, many of which are likely to be cultural as well as project specific in nature.  Monitoring the achievement of key project business measures is key and by accessing our benchmark data and our underlying knowledge underpinning the results we provide context and advice.




To enquire about starting a commissioned project with us please send us an email or call
Ian Machan on
+44 7780 646142