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Drilling for Success - Instructions

Drilling for Success is a casual web-based game.

Tap or click targets to drill the holes in the time limit.

If you miss a target, the entire panel will be rejected.

Your goal is to make the highest profit possible from the orders you receive. Select one of the three drilling plans available to help you achieve this. Each plan has different costs and benefits.

After you have played the game at, please complete our questionnaire at

There is a known issue with running the game in Internet Explorer. If you experience difficulties running Drilling for Success in Internet Explorer, please try a different browser. We apologise for the inconvenience.

The work shown here was supported by EPSRC Grants Ref EP/K014064/1, EP/K014072/1,  EP/K014080/1 ‘Transforming the adoption of Product -Service Systems through innovations in applied gaming technology’; a joint project with The Advanced Services Group, Aston Business School and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, University of Sheffield.