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The Advanced Services Masterclass

Custom 2-Day Executive Masterclass Programme
on Servitization and Advanced Services

The Advanced Services Masterclass is designed to bring together a group of executives from one company to develop a common vision and strategy to compete through advanced services.

This intensive and interactive 2-day workshop provides senior executives with the fundamentals of servitization and advanced services in a manufacturing context.

Based on insights from our research and practical applications based on our extensive work with over 150 companies, the programme shares tools and approaches to servitization, best practice examples of advanced services from a range of industries and the knowledge to create viable strategies for business transformation.

Create impact 

  • Key trends currently shaping the manufacturing industry

  • Develop a vision for servitization and an advanced services customer value proposition

Accelerate implementation

  • Develop a services-led competitive strategy aligned with your own business use case

  • Create a roadmap for service transformation

Sustainable change

  • Pilots, data gathering and suitable success criteria

  • Business model transformation at scale


  • A broad understanding of the concepts of servitization and particularly advanced services

  • Developing a vision for servitization

  • Creating an advanced service customer value proposition

  • Mapping out the principal strategic capabilities needed to deliver the customer value proposition

  • Identifying the principles arguments of a business case which underpins the strategy and vision

  • Developing a preliminary roadmap for service transformation


Masterclass Delivery


The Advanced Services Masterclass is a tailored single-company programme of two days duration, delivered in-house or at your site.


It is customised and designed in collaboration with you and your team, to ensure it fits with your strategic aims. We work closely with you to explore and understand your current position, challenges and opportunities, and create a unique learning programme.

Contact us for more information and to discuss booking.

Ian Machan, Commercial Director 

M: +44 7780 646 142