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Gill Holmes

Senior Project Manager

About Gill

Gill manages our research project Gamification for Servitization' which is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. She is an experienced projects and marketing manager, who  has worked in the healthcare industry and in several research management postings in leading UK universites.


Gamification bridges video gaming technologies and computer simulations to offer three-dimensional virtual worlds, dynamic and content-rich, which can be used to entertain, educate and inform. It offers a radical solution to overcome the entrenched problem of slow adoption of servitization in mainstream manufacturing, due to its complexity.


Gamification provides a way to get better at informing, educating and training our senior manufacturing managers about servitization, giving them the means to visualize the potential impact upon their business and supporting behavioural and attitudinal change.


Gill manages our partnership on gamification with researchers from the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at the University of Sheffield and the Serious Games Institute at Coventry University.


If you would like to know about our work on gamification, please send Gill an email.

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Thought leadership content