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Corporate attendance

Delegates from industry are warmly invited to attend the Spring Servitization Conference.


This conference is dedicated to bringing together the world’s eminent academic researchers and thought leaders around the topic of the servitization and advanced services within industry.

​This conference covers all aspects of servitization, and this year presentations will be given on topics such as: Transformation form "box mover" to "service champion”, Assessing the Service Transformation: a Maturity Model for Manufacturing Companies, Understanding the pains and gains of actors within a business ecosystem, The Impact of Top Management Team Composition and Past Performance on Servitization, From Free to Fee: Changing the Revenue Model for Individual Services, A Matrix for Determining Servitized Value Proposition Based on Product Features, Are You Ready for Servitization?, A Diagnostic tool to Measure Service Capacity, Servitization Strategies: Targeting the Base of the Pyramid, and Brand Perception within Advanced Services. 

The programme runs over three days.  Days 1 and 2 are dedicated to established and ongoing studies with day 3 focusing on adventurous and exploratory work. On days 1 & 2 some thirty researchers will give concise insights to their work and debate their findings.  These presentations will be complemented by a selection of industrialists who will also share their practical experiences.  The process for day 3 differs, being designed to stimulate insightful discussions around poster presentations, and complemented by keynotes from internationally leading research professors.

​Contributors to the conference are drawn from a range of institutions internationally, such as the Universities of Cambridge, Liverpool and Manchester (UK); Copenhagen Business School (Denmark); Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands); Lucerne University (Switzerland); Orkestra-Basque, and the Institute of Competitiveness (Spain); The University of Porto (Portugal); Aalto University (Finland); University of Bergamo (Italy); Linkoping University (Sweden); University of Antwerp (Belgium), Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan);  Ruhr University (Germany) and Federal University of Sao Carlos (Brazil). 

Further information about the fee for attending this conference is available here.