Performance Advisory Services: creating value through digital technologies and servitization

Back in July, we invited a group of senior executives from manufacturing companies for an in-depth discussion of digital technologies and their use and application in manufacturing and associated services.

There is a central question that manufacturers have when it comes to digital technologies – just how do you capture the value of digitally-enabled services?

On the basis of this discussion, we took a closer look at the types of services that are enabled by digital technologies and whether they present a viable option as a discrete offering, rather than enabling more advanced services, and of course how to derive value from them.

The results are in and our findings are now available in our new Whitepaper. Here is a sneak peek at the executive summary:

The term performance advisory refers to services whereby the provider typically uses

digital technologies to gain insight into how its customers use its products, and then offers

data and/or intelligence back to that customer on how to gain more value from those products.

For many manufacturers these services are at the forefront of their servitization plans,

and are seen as an immediate opportunity to create and capture value from innovative digital


Conceptually, these services are compelling, but how viable are they in

practice? How can they create and capture value? And how should they be designed?

In this paper we address these questions by examining these services as a bespoke

customer value proposition.

To find our more, our latest Whitepaper is now available for purchase
Performance Advisory Services: A pathway to creating value through digital technologies and servitization.