Case Studies


How air filtration solutions company Nederman is using digital technology to meet customers' needs


How workplace technology provider Xerox transformed from photocopier vendor to a mature advanced services provider. An extended study covering their transformation journey and the key events it involved

Schneider Electric

How Schneider Electric brought secure-power-as-a-service to market in just eighteen months

Rolls Royce Aerospace

Services Resilience: why services revenue is the critical driver of Rolls-Royce's recovery from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

Orica Mining Services

How mining company Orica improved 'blasting outcomes' for their customers with servitization

LG Davis

How Birmingham-based LG Davis is delivering service-led solutions to gain an edge in the competitive print industry


How Koolmill Systems uses a servitized business model to access global markets with sustainable food production


How Kone is putting customers at the heart of their strategy to to improve customer and end-user outcomes


How IT and Management consultancy HanaTech exploits servitization to drive the digitisation of Midlands manufacturing


How tyre manufacturer Goodyear is using data to help customers prevent tyre-related breakdown and extend tyre life


How connected care provider Dignio is utilising advanced services to drive digitisation and improve patient outcomes

Database Design

How Database Design addresses customer pain points with servitized software solutions to de-risk the adoption of digital tools


How CHH CoNeX embraces advanced services to build sustainable relationships


How equipment manufacturer Caterpillar's uptime focussed services address the number one concern of its customers


How Axis Communications is delivering security as a service and helping partners build long-term relationships with end-users


How rail transport company Alstom is using expertise and technology to help customers meet their outcomes


How Alphadrive Engineering Services has employed a servitized business model to provide the recycling sector with a range of usage-based services

Allsee Technologies

How digital signage manufacturer Allsee Technologies has embraced a servitized business model to build resilience and boost its bottom line.