Roadmap to advanced services success: The Advanced Services Partnership Autumn Roundtable

The Advanced Services Partnership traveled to The Netherlands last week, to the Autumn Roundtable at the headquarters of partnership member company Yanmar Europe.

The focus of the roundtable was a first-look at the latest research into the transformation roadmap for advanced services. The research team from the Advanced Services Group presented findings from interviews with nineteen services leaders across the manufacturing industry, including BAE Systems, Siemens, Kone Corporation, Rolls Royce, Ingersoll Rand and HP.

The advanced services transformation roadmap is a unique, extensive research programme aimed at creating the world’s first systematic guide to transforming a business to compete successfully through advanced services.

Throughout the two days of this interactive workshop, partner members gained detailed insight into the preliminary research findings of the roadmap research programme, mixed with detailed practical case studies from Rollys Royce, Goodyear and Volvo Construction.

The partnership is a collaboration between manufacturers and the research team, working together to promote and accelerate the adoption of advanced services. Researchers were on hand to take the partners through a series of interactive exercises where they contributed suggestions, challenges and questions to further develop the roadmap.

The partners also had exclusive first access to two interactive games that the research group has developed to help executives to explore the potential of servitization and explain the concept within their organisations to gain staff buy-in.

You can see from the photo how very studiously the partners approached this gaming task.

The first game, Unlock your Insight, developed in partnership with Columbus Global, is now available to play online for free.

The partner members created the research agenda for the research team to focus on over the next three months, and at the Winter Roundtable in January their findings will be presented.

In the meantime, the research team continues to work individually with each partner company to help them identify and overcome the key challenges they are facing in adopting advanced services.

The Advanced Services Partnership brings member companies together with the Advanced Services Group’s dedicated research team, to promote and accelerate the adoption of advanced services. Partner companies benefit from a combination of one-to-one support, exclusive involvement in the direction of research activities, and group workshops and networking. Contact us to find out more about joining.

Partner Companies Include: