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Advanced Services in Road Transport

Advanced services and telematics have the potential to transform the road transport industry. But to date the various benefits these innovations create are not widely captured across the industry.


The Advanced Services Group created a Roundtable of leading executives from across the road transport industry to explore the benefits of technology-enabled services and understand the barriers to implementing them, in order to help comapanies take advantage of this innovation.

Advanced Services and Telematics 


The latest whitepaper by the research team identifies the factors that hold back the transformative impact of advanced services and telematics and maps out suggestions to extend their benefits to the wider road transport industry.


The report draws on the expert insights from a wide range of industry stakeholders that were systematically integrated to create a balanced industry-level perspective.







Advanced Services and Telematics Whitepaper

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Key Findings of the study


The Future of Road Transport

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Why Operators aren't Getting Value from Telematics

Blog Post

Why Fleets aren't Getting Full Value from Telematics



Delivering Growth 

This study sets out the benefits of advanced services models, and how they can deliver growth for the sustainability and growth of the road transport industry. It examines different forms of services currently offered within the industry and makes recommendations to enable them to be adopted by more companies.

Delivering Growth Whitepaper

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