Servitization Example: Allsee Technologies

Digital signage manufacturer Allsee Technologies has embraced a servitized business model to build resilience and boost its bottom line.

Established in 2007 with the vision to make the benefits of digital signage accessible to every business regardless of technical resources or budgets, Allsee Technologies has enjoyed strong growth on the back of offering a wide product portfolio to its partner network.

Allsee’s specialist expertise allowed the company to win business ahead of big-name competitors like Samsung and LG. It developed a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions but recognised it needed to continue adding value to its offer. With customers’ needs becoming increasingly complex, the company knew they needed to provide a greater range of solutions in order to truly to add value.

Allsee embarked on its servitization journey by taking a step back to review and assess its service offering, and identify gaps in provision. They then focused on building a portfolio of services based around the needs of the customers, as well as recruiting more service engineers in order to meet demand for installation.

The strategy served to raise Allsee’s profile as an advanced services and solutions provider. Potential customers comparing the manufacturer’s offer to that of higher profile competitors could appreciate that it had a very different value proposition.

“The response was incredible”, says Marketing Director Thomas Fraser-Bacon. “Several partners told us they had won major projects on the back of our service offer, some of which were with bluechip companies. Having a comprehensive catalogue of product services really helps us stand out from the crowd and meant that we were in much better shape as the pandemic hit.”

The servitization drive was so successful that Allsee was presented with the Best Manufacturer Growing Through Services at the 2020 Servitization Awards.

To read more about Allsee Technologies’ servitization strategy and journey to date, download the full case study.