Servitization in Action: Axis Communications

Axis Communications is the market leader in IP video surveillance. In 1996, Axis invented the world’s first video surveillance camera specifically for use on computer networks. Through its focus on research and development it has continually enhanced and expanded its range of devices, increasing the security of millions of people worldwide and helping to meet the growing need for a smarter, safer world.

Axis Communications use a B2B business model focusing on enterprise customers, such as

Critical Infrastructure, Transportation, Retail & Banking. You can find Axis devices in shops, offices and factories, on trains and buses and on our streets. In fact, anywhere that video or audio surveillance can help build security.

To date, Axis has been a provider of products: firstly, print servers and, from 1996, network cameras. Now, however, the end user is looking increasingly for safety and security rather than owning a product. In addition, many other producers of network cameras have entered the market and prices are falling. Together with the growing interest in subscription style payment schemes, these changes are creating a demand for solutions: a combination of products and services.

In 2017 the leaders of the company implemented a three year strategic approach:

Year 1 focused on learning about servitization and subscription revenue models, year 2 on building teams and the service offering and year 3 on introducing the offer to the market.

To read about Axis Communications’ servitization strategy and journey to date, download the full Case Study