Servitization in Action: Goodyear

Goodyear is well-known as one of the world’s largest vendors of tyres for both commercial and consumer vehicles. In 2016 Goodyear launched two packages of performance advisory services. Data is collected and analysed to provide greater visibility for the customer of their fleet’s tyre health and provide intelligent alerts based on predictive analytics, which enable the customer to schedule proactive maintenance and optimise route planning.

The tyre industry is changing; new low-cost competitors have entered the market in recent

years and certain established brands have made some bold strategic moves into new business

models led by digital technologies. Customer expectations are changing too. Customers don’t necessarily want the ‘pain’ of choosing tyres and they expect manufacturers to offer them something more. Innovation of new products alone is no longer enough to stay ahead of the competition.

Goodyear’s innovation team looked around at a range of other industries and recognised that,

just as in those industries, services could provide opportunities to provide new customer

offerings and so generate new revenue streams in the tyre business. They chose the freight

haulage sector to begin their initiative and launched an intensive programme of research with operators of fleets of heavy goods vehicles.

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