Servitization in Action: Nederman Insight

Nederman is a specialist in industrial air filtration with headquarters in Sweden. Nederman is a member of the Advanced Services Partnership and has been working with the Advanced Services Group on its servitization journey for two years. Its aim is to help customers to protect their employees, production and the wider environment from harmful dust, smoke and fumes. The company is 70 years old and has 1900 employees in 25 countries, distributors in an additional 30 countries and 12 production facilities on five continents.

Nederman’s cloud service gives customers insight into the health and status of filtration solutions, allowing them to track system performance, predict maintenance needs, prove compliance and optimize energy use. Nederman’s experts also use the data to make recommendations and give guidance, giving the customer more time and confidence to focus on their core business.

While clean air is a necessity for Nederman’s customers in terms of the safety of their employees, their obligation to limit emissions into the environment and the integrity of their processes, air filtration is in many cases an inconvenience and something that is certainly not part of their core expertise. Nederman’s Insight offering is intended to both reduce this inconvenience and help customers to operate their air filtration, and their business, as successfully as possible.

The Insight Story

The company recognised that the trend of digitalisation, encompassing connected services, the

Internet of Things and use of mobile devices provided an opportunity to develop and improve

the customer offering.

A new division, Nederman Insight, was created to lead the development of new offerings and business models utilising digital technology to provide services to meet customers’ growing needs. It announced

publicly that it was ‘setting its sight on the Internet of Things’.

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