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Manufacturing and Technology Innovator Growth Programme


Greater Birmingham and Solihull

Growth Through Service Innovation Programme

Interested in a services-led competitive strategy?

We offer a fully subsidised, ERDF-funded programme so you can hit the ground running. Our hands-on methods are grounded in the latest academic research and real industry insight. Join our community of like-minded SMEs and see what you can do next.


In light of COVID-19, we have transformed our programme to online delivery. This remains fully funded and free to participating companies. It comprises a series of workshops and 1:1 sessions held over 4 weeks, with an approximately 4 hr weekly time commitment.


If you would like to join our July stream (May and June streams already booked out),

please contact Dr Sandra Starke:

About our Growth through Services Programme

  • Increase revenues and margins

  • Outperform your competitors

  • Capitalise on your manufacturing expertise


More than


Gross Value Add (GVA)


Total of


SMEs supported


More than


new jobs created

What do we do?

What our SMEs say:

Koolmill Systems Ltd

Pioneering a new, services-led business model for an antiquated global industry would have been beyond us without access to this programme.

Rimilia Ltd

Rather than sell a solution, we are selling a service to our customers who are partners as we assist them in gaining optimisation from our products and services.

Clevedon Fasteners Ltd

Servitization is one of those concepts that, once explained, is blindingly obvious.

Vanti (RTS Technology Solutions Ltd)

From a business perspective, the main benefit of improving our managed services offering is the recurring revenue that we are able to rely on. This helps us to better manage our cash flow and forecasting, enabling us to confidently reinvest this revenue in improving our business.


Programme content

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Support is available to manufacturers or technology innovators in the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership region.


Turnover < 50m EUR (~£42m) or a Balance Sheet < 43m EUR (~£38m).

Less than 250 employees.


Less than 25% co-owned by another company.

State Aid

Received less than 200k EUR (~£170k) in State Aid over the last 3 years.

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About Us

The Advanced Services Group is a Centre of Excellence at Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham.


We provide education, training, research and a global network of like-minded professionals around Advanced Services and Servitization.