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SSC 2020 Conference Co-chairs and Committees

Professor Tim Baines

Advanced Services Research Group, Aston Business School

Tim is the leading international authority on servitization and spends much of his time working hands-on with both global and local manufacturing companies to understand servitization in practice and help to transform businesses. 

Dr Ali Ziaee Bigdeli

Advanced Services Research Group, Aston Business School

Ali’s research interest focuses on how servitization helps a business to bring its products to market, expand the scale of its operations and increase financial sustainability, and the business model innovation that is required to enable this. 

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Local Scientific Committee (Aston University)
•    Dr Andreas Schroeder 
•    Dr Daniel Andrews
•    Dr Ahmad Beltagui 
•    Dr Kawal Kapoor 

International Scientific Committee
•    Prof Jamie Burton, Alliance Manchester Business School, UK
•    Prof Rui De Sousa, Catolica Porto Business School, Catholic University of Portugal
•    Prof Kazuyoshi Hidaka, Tokoyo Institute of Technology, Japan
•    Prof Jay Lee, University of Cincinnati, USA
•    Prof Daniel Kindström - Linköping University
•    Prof Marko Kohtamäki, University of Vaasa, Finland
•    Prof Christian Kowalkowski - Linköping University
•    Dr Thomas Frandsen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
•    Prof Vinit Parida, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
•    Dr Chris Raddats, University of Liverpool, UK
•    Dr Mario Rapaccini, University of Florence, Italy
•    Dr Jawwad Raja, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
•    Prof Rajkumar Roy, Cranfield University, UK
•    Dr Nicola Saccani, University for Brescia, Italy 
•    Prof Victoria Story, Loughborough University, UK 
•    Prof Morgan Swink, The Neeley School of Business, USA
•    Dr Benny B. Tjahjono, Cranfield University, UK 
•    Prof Judy Zolkiewski, Alliance Manchester Business School, UK

Local Organising Committee
•    Jill Forrest, Aston Business School
•    Iain McKechnie, Aston Business School
•    Parikshit Naik, Aston Business School