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Tim Baines

Professor of Operations Strategy and Executive Director

About Tim

Tim is the leading international authority on servitization and spends much of his time working hands-on with both global and local manufacturing companies to understand servitization in practice and help to transform businesses. 

He spent ten years working in manufacturing businesses, beginning his career as an apprentice. His background gives him a personal understanding of the challenges faced by the industry and of the need for practical, relevant guidance on implementing change strategies.

His book Made to Serve: How manufacturers can compete through servitization and product service systems described as, ‘Essential reading for any companies or executives looking to explore this option for their business’ provides a practical guide to servitization, based on in-depth research with leading corporations such as Xerox, Caterpillar, Alstom and MAN Truck & Bus UK. 


About Tim's research at Aston University


Tim delivers keynote presentations, workshops, seminars and education programmes at industry conferences and events, and in-house for businesses. His most recent engagements include:

World Chief Services Officers Summit, London, 14th March 2016 

Keynote: Made to Serve: What are servitization and advanced services, how might they be relevant to your business and how do businesses need to transform in order to compete through advanced services?

Workshop: Assessing your readiness for an advanced services strategy

Product Innovation Europe, PI Munich, 9th March 2016

Focus Group: Exploring the relevance of services to your business

Keynote: Made to Serve: How can you create value through servitization? Leading your business to achieve operations and service excellence, and creating value through IoT and the exploitation of information and communication technologies

Field Service Medical Europe, Berlin, 7th March 2016

Europe’s Leading Service & Support Conference

Keynote: Best practice in service and support: how the leading  manufacturers and technology companies have transformed to compete through servcies and the benefits of doing so.

Ambrosetti Supply Chain Seminar, Milan, 2nd December 2015

Masterclass: Collaborative supply chain- moving from a transactional to a relationship based model; information and communication technologies, business processes, vertical integration, performance measurement.

Logimed, Amsterdam, 18th November 2015

Masterclass: How to implement an effective servitization framework to enhance your supply chain operations

Keynote: Driving Value Throughout the Business: Competing on cost alone is no longer a viable option; servitization is a business model and organisational change, for manufacturers to diversify by generating revenues from services; how aspects of the business such as people, facilities, use of ICT, business processes and performance measurement need to change to achieve these benefits.

Innovation Roundtable Summit 2015, Copenhagen, 4th November 2015

The largest gathering of innovation executives ever held in Europe

Track Talk: How product-led manufacturers are innovating their business models and organisational structures to compete by delivering services.

Aftermarket Europe, Amsterdam, October 2014

The largest Aftermarket Conference in the northern Europe

Keynote: Made to Serve: How manufacturers can compete through services; the different types of services; how the business needs to change to suppport services delivery.


For more information or to enquire about working with Tim, please contact us. 


Keynote at Aftermarket Conference in 2014

Industrial thought leadership engagement for PTC, a US-based software company 

What is servitization? An infographic video