We are recruiting

Do you fancy a new challenge? Would you be interested in joining us at the Advanced Services Group at Aston and help us bring servitization to more manufacturers?

Servitization is what we do at Aston. We founded the Advanced Services Group because we, a few close colleagues and myself, passionately believe that done well, services can offer a viable future for manufacturers. A future that is challenging, if you are a manufacturer based in the UK and simply trying to make your way selling products alone. Services offer an opportunity for commercial growth and resilience, and can get away from many of the environmental burdens associated with traditional manufacture.

For quite some years now, we have been working with manufacturers big and small. Our work, in part, is funded by a group of ten multinationals with whom we work intimately to develop their strategies and bring about organisational change, and in this process build our own knowledge and expertise.

But we also work with small and medium-sized businesses, especially those in the manufacturing heartlands of the West Midlands. Indeed, we have now worked with almost 200 business, and helped them to understand, evaluate, and set about adopting services as part of their competitive strategy. This is extremely interesting, challenging, and yet fantastically rewarding work. We bring something new and innovative to these businesses, which tends to be well received and applied.

Much of our work with smaller businesses has been funded regionally, especially by ERDF programmes, and based on the successes we have demonstrated so far, we have recently been awarded further funding. And so it is time to expand the team again.

We are looking to recruit two new people to join the Advanced Services Group. One person will work directly on business engagement, while the second take a more senior role, looking after both business engagement and programme management. Both posts will be full-time and fully integrated within the Advanced Services Group.

So what is it like to work within this group? My personal goal for everybody in the group, it that working within ASG should be interesting, rewarding and collegiate. We are well supported by the Business School, and we are here to stay. We do of course have our expectations; you must expect to become dedicated to servitization, as well as being professional and committed to your work.

If all this sounds interesting, then please take a look at the job specification on the Aston recruitment website at the links below.

Business Engagement & Programme Director

Business Development Manager