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How do services make a manufacturer’s business model more resilient?

How are manufacturers adopting these new business models?

How does membership of a network of likeminded companies help this transformation?

Join an exclusive conversation with Kevin Tolcher, General Manager Air Traffic Management, Thales, to hear how he is designing and implementing services-led business models with our help. You will have the opportunity to question and explore the Thales services journey and the challenges they face.

Our mission in the Advanced Services Group at Aston Business School is to help manufacturing and technology companies to develop business models that are financially and environmentally resilient. 

This is why we are re-opening membership of our Advanced Services Partnership, a group of carefully-selected companies represented by likeminded individuals who want to collaborate on implementing services, of which Thales is a member.


This is an opportunity for you to see what we do and talk to us about joining the exclusive group of companies making this journey with us.

Find out more about the Advanced Services Partnership