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5 | 6 | 7 MAY 2020
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Experience Servitization Live

19 livestream keynotes from senior executives in manufacturing


3 Panel discussions of service leaders in their field


40 presentations of the latest servitization insights from leading researchers

Cogs in the Machine

25 exhibitors featuring servitization examples and advanced services solutions


Join leading industry experts at 6 Roundtables for in depth discussions

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All the opportunities for networking of a physical event in a virtual venue

Welcome from the Chair

The World Servitization Convention is a new conference we are hosting to draw together global business leaders who are setting out to engage and accelerate the adoption of servitization within their organisations. It is hosted by the Advanced Services Group, at Aston Business School, who are recognised as international leaders and at the forefront of work on servitization.

For 2020, the World Servitization Convention will bring together researchers and practitioners from around the Globe to experience and debate the leading practices in servitization, including the business models, digital technologies, organisational and societal innovations that are coming together to accelerate this phenomena. It will include an exhibition from leading manufacturers, with a conference programme featuring presentations and workshops from international leaders in the field.

This Convention will be delivered virtually using a dedicated conference environment complete with lobby, auditoriums, exhibition hall and networking function. Quite simply, we will create an experience that mirrors as close as possibly a physical event – but of course without the need for people to physically attend. This platform enables an international reach well beyond that which could be achieved with a physical event.

We are truly very excited about WSC 2020, along with all the opportunities that are now being realised for servitization around the World. 

We do hope you can join us. 

Professor Tim Baines

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