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5 | 6 | 7 MAY 2020
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BlueprintAMS (After Market and Servitization) software enables organizations to quickly and safely transition from ‘Build and Sell’ pricing models to tailored After Market Service agreements and Servitization models.

Our solution is built around a powerful cost and risk calculation engine that encodes and automates 35 years of experience from leading visionaries in the AfterMarket and Servitization world. Solution sets are easily designed and built within our application. For each solution set a business case can be demonstrated, before release to the Sales teams to sell.

Strike the right balance between risk and value, BlueprintAMS will help your business, wherever it is on the servitization journey, helping you to achieve your objectives quickly and safely. 

“Our Mission is to provide a clear roadmap and the tools necessary for traditional B2B transaction-based manufacturers seeking to secure long term recurring revenues and disrupt their markets with servitization-based agreements." 
Kevin Geraghty, Co Founder, BlueprintAMS

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