Value Networks for Servitization

Value Networks for Servitization


A guide to the concept, modelling and analysis

This mini-guide is designed for executives and managers seeking to apply servitization and review and inform decisions about their firm’s relationships with distributors, technology vendors and competitors. It introduces the concept of value networks and shows how a model can be created to represent key stakeholders and their collaboration in the design, installation, delivery and decommissioning of an advanced service.

It then explains how such a model can be analysed to reveal the opportunities and threats within a value network. Insights from such analysis can inform the strategic decisions of a company. Synthesising leading research on value networks to develop a practical tool for business, the mini-guide illustrates how this tool can be applied in practice.

Please note that the digital version of the mini-guide is restricted for printing.

Book a Walkthrough Workshop (£199)

This live (online) walkthrough session, with one of our Servitization experts, will introduce the concept of Value Network in the context of servitization and advanced services, where you will have the opportunity to hear directly from the author of this mini-guide. At the end of this session, you will be:

  • Introduced to the concept of value networks
  • Familiarised with the Value Network for Services tool, and shown when and how to use it
  • Presented with a working example that demonstrates the usefulness of the tool for an industrial firm
The walkthrough will be delivered online and last one hour. Bookings can be made for up to 5 people (from the same organisation) for one workshop. You will have the chance to ask questions and explore ways in which the Value Network concept can be applied to your business. Please ask the author about other available workshop options that can be customised for your business needs.

Book Mini-Guide & Walkthrough Workshop
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