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The centre of excellence in research and practice on servitization and advanced services

The Advanced Services Group

We provide education, training, research and a global network of like-minded professionals around 
advanced services and servitization. 

We have worked with over 200 businesses, including Baxi, Domino Printing Sciences, Ishida, Legrand, Thales and Waters, as well as a multitude of SMES, who have both informed and benefited
from our research.


We have partnered with the likes of Alstom, DHL, Kimble and Rolls Royce to deliver research, education
and thought leadership based on real industry insights.

Meet the Team​

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Andrew Harrison, former Engineering Fellow at Rolls-Royce, explains the what and why of Engineering Design for Services, and how its application in business can lead to products that deliver value for manufacturers and their customers alike.


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