Experiencing Servitization

Experiencing Servitization


Servitization is increasingly seen as a vital innovation for manufacturers to master. Services offer the potential for growth and sustainability, which are often elusive in traditional product-centric businesses. Yet, for a manufacturing company, the people, processes, technologies and structures are very different when the focus is on delivering services rather than products alone.

With this in mind, there are two fundamental challenges for manufacturing executives wanting to apply servitization: the first is to know why and what they need to change (the mission and vision) and the second is to understand how to bring about change (the strategy and tactics). This mini-guide deals with the second of these topics by describing how the servitization journey typically unfolds and which forces are most influential in the successful progression from being a product-centric to service-centric business.

Please note that the digital version of the mini-guide is restricted for printing.

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