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Engagements with our advisory team involve strong strategic discussions on the approaches that have worked for others and how they can be applied in practice by the client. Workshops, either in person or remote, are crafted based on what we know works and the maturity and goals of the client.

We also practice what we preach - just like we prescribe to our servitizing clients, we believe in developing close, long-term relationships to understand your unique needs and develop a transformation journey to suit. We are confident in our abilities to help you transform and compete through services and we can support this through outcome-based contracts with you.

Typically phase 1 of a project will be contracted on achieving milestones, but once the market opportunity has been identified and sized, phase 2 can be contracted on a shared outcome basis, consistent with our approach.

Some clients require us to meet and facilitate their own customer interactions, which we have delivered across Europe and the USA. These interactions drive better understanding of customers’ pains and gains, an essential requirement for developing new value propositions.

Skill transfer and training in the processes needed to successfully implement advanced services are designed around our IP and are frequently requested. In particular, working with engineering to design products for advanced services, and consultative selling techniques are popular.

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Servitization is a path for success and growth of your triple bottom line, but it is not easy or risk-free.

We can help you navigate the journey efficiently, minimise pitfalls and reach a positive outcome - a sustainable competitive advantage. To lead the future of manufacturing, get in touch with us.

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