Our research is focused on excellence and the co-creation of knowledge through in-depth engagement with leading manufacturing businesses and executives

The Advanced Services Group is the only centre of excellence dedicated exclusively to producing research on servitization and advanced services. We are home to the world’s most highly-cited scholars for servitization.

Core to our research group of 20 is a clear ‘line-of-sight’ from discovery and development through to exploitation of knowledge. Our research is conducted with strict academic rigour, peer reviewed and relevant to real industry concerns.

Our overarching research agenda addresses the following areas of enquiry:

  • Definition, components and leading examples of advanced services
  • Economics, business impact and contextual conditions of advanced services
  • Business organisation for delivery of advanced services
  • Enablers, technology and innovation of advanced services
  • Legal, contractual, financial and regulatory considerations for advanced services

From publications, projects, the Spring Servitization Conference, case studies and learning tools - our research is shaped by and informs academics and business executives alike