Advanced Services Partnership

Join our exclusive network of likeminded business executives implementing servitization and advanced services

The Advanced Services Partnership is a select group of executives from non-competing manufacturing organisations who are exploring, developing and deploying advanced services strategies.

We support our partners to advance and accelerate their servitization strategies through regular coaching from a dedicated relationship manager, benchmarking, group events, close networking and participation in shaping and influencing leading research.

Becoming a member of the Advanced Services Partnership comes with a myriad of benefits. You will be part of a supportive network of like-minded people to share experiences and advice and learn from business leaders from high-profile organisations who have successfully implemented services strategies.

With direct support from the world’s leading academic (and team) on servitization you will not only gain an in depth understanding of what it takes to implement advanced services, but also receive guidance on the application of critically important tools and techniques that foster better management decisions

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Advanced Services Partnership

Find all you need to know about the Advanced Services Partnership in this brochure.

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The Advanced Services Library

The library is exclusive to Advanced Services Partnership members and provides up to date information and materials on servitization and advanced services, as well as all information about Roundtables past and present.

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Servitization is a path for success and growth of your triple bottom line, but it is not easy or risk-free.
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